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$390.00 USD

Our modern dog house speaks to those who want something truly fun and different. With an open, wide entrance and viewing area to see your pup cuddled up, the Modster combines quality, convenience, and comfort to ensure your dog has the ultimate home. Plus, the mini veranda on the side adds another place for your furry friend to lounge about and be spoiled!

This 26" wide by 24" deep doggy house comes ready-to-assemble and requires 15 minutes and a screwdriver to complete. Outside dimensions are 44" wide by 24" deep  Made from 100% exterior grade wood. 

This doghouse is recommended for a

MEDIUM DOG: 18 - 22 inches; 24 to 57lb (11-26KG)

  • Bulldogs, Border Collies, Corgi’s, Labradoodles

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